A little about the man himself...

Mancunian born David Hindley honed his skills in London, gaining experience with names such as Eve Arnold and Annie Leibovitz. He developed his craft as a photographer in the music industry, primarily stage work, which set the pace for his now studio-lit club pictures.

David Hindley has a passion for people. As an experienced and ultimately flexible photographer, David observes the character that drives the image and captures the whole in one crucial moment. And he doesn't run with the pack in the current trend of deconstructed fashion photography. "Why shoot the mundane? We live in it, it's a world ecology. I would rather provide a window to another world or perspective." This is the ethos behind David's distinct style.

"I feel my view of the world is always there. The various galleries are self explanatory made up primarily with commissioned work plus a few personal images. The Lenny Kravitz gallery is just the tip of my body of work with Lenny which spans twenty years and will eventually become a coffee table book. I also made a couple of books with Nick Sanders (fastest man around the planet) one entitled Biker Britain and the second had me riding from Paris to Timbuktu, so keep your eye on the galleries for taste of my travels"

An established character and extrovert artist in the British Alternative Scene, David could hardly resist focusing his attention on the vibrant friends and personalities around him. His lust for the genre as a whole established his view of the masculine and feminine personas on a level of equal footing.

Watch this space…


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